Brazoria County Library System utilizes volunteers as a welcome addition to a branch’s workforce. They assist a branch’s staff in performing work of a non-professional nature, and they do not supplant or replace the paid staff. Volunteers are accepted and scheduled at the discretion of the branch lead, and their duties are performed under the supervision of the staff member in charge.

Potential volunteer duties include: Help is Needed Volunteer Today

  • Assisting staff with programs, projects, and community outreach
  • Shelving returned materials
  • Maintaining and straightening shelves
  • Basic organizing and cleaning
  • Other duties as determined necessary by the branch manager and approved by the library director

Minor volunteers ages 14 to 17 must have parental approval.

Minors volunteering together as part of an organized group, such as the Scouts, must have an adult leader present at all times.

All volunteers must fill out the Volunteer Application annually.

Volunteers are expected to conduct themselves as if employed by the library and must adhere to the policies and practices established in the BCLS Policy Manual Employee Code of Conduct. Volunteers are not eligible for benefits such as insurance, hospitalization, or Workman’s Compensation. Brazoria County, Brazoria County Library System, and the city where the volunteer is working cannot assume any responsibility for loss or bodily injury as a volunteer in the library.

BCLS allows court-ordered volunteers at the discretion of the branch lead. Children under the age of 16 wishing to fulfill the terms of court-ordered community service must have a parent or guardian present while volunteering. Court-ordered volunteers must fill out all appropriate volunteer forms. The library reserves the right to refuse any court-ordered volunteers the opportunity to work in the library, or end their service before the terms of their community service have been completed.

Submit a Volunteer Application.